• Oylum MAH. Şeyh İzzettin CAD. NO: 2, Kilis, Turkiye
  • Ceritified (ISO 9001-2015)

About us

Kammaz Ovens

Kammaz ovens company manufacture bakeries production lines and it’s accessories, in accordance with the international standards and norms.

Our production lines gather between several manufacturing approaches.

Engineering department in our company follow the recent investements in bakeries and restaurants equipments, and select the best wich go on line with our local market.

Our equipments and machineries consider a new version because offer high technical properties with low cost, our slogan is remanufacturing the advanced tech, with the lowest price.

Our ovens offer the best Arabic and French bread.

Our technical staff comprise multiple specialists including experts in processing the bread and foods.

You will see the old and celebrated experience of the Syrian foods rematerialized in our bakeries and restaurant equipments.

Our ovens produce the Arabic bread and all other sorts of desserts and dough products.

All our equipments, sub equipments, and its accessories are compatible and validated after the final assembling of the production line.

Our production lines work from decades in many Arab and European countries, the high quality of the Arabic bread by wich we manufacture is the bestindicator for the superiority of our production lines in comparison with other.

Inside Factory

CE Marking

All of our products CE certified

ISO Certification

Our company ISO 9001-2015 certified