• Oylum MAH. Şeyh İzzettin CAD. NO: 2, Kilis, Turkiye
  • Ceritified (ISO 9001-2015)

tortilla bread Line



tortilla bread lıne

1- It is fed with previously kneaded dough, the doughs are thrown into the machine chamber in 3-4 kg pieces. 1 staff work to feed the machine continuously.
2- The dough that the main dough unpacking unit has collected in the dough opens in a thickness of 1 cm. This dough, which has been opened later, is opened with 2 consecutive cylinders in the desired fineness as min 200 microns.
3- The dough that is opened is cut to the desired size with a roller mold and the increasing dough returns to the dough feed unit thanks to the feedback conveyor. Thus, our lavas are shaped to give to the furnace. Cylinder molds are prepared in desired dimensions in accordance with the request of the customer. The cylinders are very easy to attach and remove.
4- The lavas reaching the tunnel furnace with the shaped conveyor. In the exit conveyor, 2 pieces of staff must work in order to pack the products without losing moisture. The temperature of the tunnel oven is controlled by the heater BEKs.
5- Speed ​​adjustment of all conveyors and cylinders on the machine can be done electronically. Gearboxes are closed system, long life.
6- The machine has a production capacity of 2000-7500 lavas per hour, depending on the dimensions of the cutbacks. It has a production capacity of 6,000 hours at standard speed (approx. 25 cm diameter).
7- Tunnel kiln 150 ml bar works with natural gas. The machine can be manufactured to work with 220 and 380 volts as required.
8- The machines are made of stainless steel material. Special made Italian heating BEKs are used. Temperature and speed control is controlled electronically on the machine.
9- The machine can be designed according to the production of luffing, cow kopeft lavash, yufka or water berry yufkası.
10- Number of opening cylinders can be changed according to the product to be produced, tensioning unit can be added, fermentation group, atomizer watering, flour watering can be added